Well nourished Body & Brain

To stay alive you need survival nourishment.

- To live well you need more than that.

Nourishment through food is the most basic nourishment. It´s the basis of your existence. I see the quality of peoples food nourishment in their vitality. For a good life, for a great life, for change, for personal evolution and growth, you definitely need Right Food and Right Move. If one compares body with the foundation of a building or the roots of a tree, stabilizing and strengthening this basis is essential for lasting wellbeing, for any personal and spiritual growth.

Du bistwas du isst

Strangely enough, loads of people refuse to take this serious. It´s so simple, it´s so basic – give yourself good stuff, or you are building your life on quicksand. I recommend to look into your eating habits. The easiest and fastest and over time most cost efficient way is to start supplementing.


You are what you eat

Right Food - Vital Nutrients

Thinking that you know when you don´t might be seriously harmful to yourself.

- Time to update your basic stand on food.

The higher the quality of the nourishment the easier and further reaching the growth. Apply this to your body, apply it to your mental mind, apply it to your soul. Align these and be at the cutting edge of your own evolution, live greatness.

Right Food – You are what you eat.

The metabolism is quite similar in everyone. This part of my offer is thus for everyone – yes, also for you. 75 tons of food from birth to death is what an average westerner eats. This stuff forms you. It strongly influences your body, your nervous system and brain activity, your skin and looks, you mood and thinking. You literarily are what you eat. Thus you need the best of food for a good and great life.

  • Healthy or sick,
  • ill-favored skin, eyes, hair or good looks,
  • vital or flabby,
  • frustrated or joyous ..

.. you choose through what and how you eat. Update your kwowledge on high quality food and/or highest quality of vital nutritions and choose smartly. You will profit from it, both short time and long time. Supplementing is to my understanding the easiest, fastest and over time most cost effective way to care for yourself, for you most basic level of existence - you body.

According to resent scientific medical meta studies, up to 90% of the western population is less or more malnutritioned concerning vitamins, trace elements, minerals and phytonutrients. It is very simple - if you don´t know how vital these are and care accordingly, in the long run you are in trouble

What does supplementing mean?

On the level of metabolism where any kind of food; an apple, a piece of bread or a sip of tea changes from being food to being molecules that then become you, we humans change very very slowly. We are talking 100.000s or even millions of years. Since roughly 150 years industrialism brought us processed food. The complete chain from food growing to eating it has changed radically. What is left on the plate in form of micro nutrients (vitamins, trace elements, minerals, phytonutrients and such) simply isn´t enough for our bodies and brains.

The effects show gradually and slowly, maybe over decades and thus we don´t really notice – unless we actually choose to look. Then suddenly words like well fare diseases (the big four being cancer, cardiovascular diseases, dementia, osteoporosis), low energy, fatigue, stressed and burned out, wrinkles, weak eyesight, loss of libido, bad memory, fears, concentration problems and many others all come into another light.

The cool thing with highest quality of vital nutrients is that you have positive effect/s within weeks to months to a cost of € 70.- to 170.- a month. It is the best invested money I know of.

This is a very brief introduction. Most likely you are left with several questions. So feel free to contact me direclty or join the email newlsletter for regular updated information.

LINK to "Du bisst was isst" (in German, follows shortly.)


Try these high quality vital nutrients

Would you like to try these high quality vital nutrients? You´ll love it. Please calculate 2 to 6 months for the full spectrum of positive results. To some people things happen within days - I was nicely wide awake in the morning like I hadn´t been since before teenage times - and this effect appeared after less than 10 days and has since stayed.

This is my direct email for order informatition:  vital-joy@jannhov.de

Referral marketing

Referral marketing

I´ve found this really good thing!

- Maybe it´s also good for you. Interested?

I know of four suppliers world wide with the highest quality of vital nutrients as supplements. One of them offer their products via referral marketing. Practically this means that within some time (in my case five months) the income I get out of the referral bonuses, covers the costs for my own supplements. From there on the business grows.

Referral marketing – an integral business model?

I think so. The core of referreal marketing is this: "Dear Friend, I´ve found this product/service xyz and it does wonders to me. Maybe you are interested?"

It´s so simple that it´s sometimes hard to grasp. It´s thus also quite confronting - no one to blame, full self responsibility. To me it´s a spiritual tool.

Wherever you have your center of integral gravity, whatever state, stage, type, line and quadrant you are at most home in, you can do this, can´t you?

Maybe you are ready and interested? Below you find my contact information.